A successful business creates unlimited freedom

Join me and I’ll show you how to create one.

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Building your dream life and business doesn't have to be hard.

Do you want unlimited freedom with your schedule?

Do you want a constant stream of income, that just keeps going up and up?

Do you want to be known as the expert in your industry?

McKenzie is very good at what she does. She was able to put things into perspective for me. I knew that even though it was super scary that I needed to do it. McKenzie has helped with my mindset. She has believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She’s helped me take those dreams that I had growing up and put them into reality. She’s helped me see that it is possible and that I can do it. She’s compassionate when you need that compassion and she’s real raw with you when you need it.

Hey! I’m McKenzie

Digital nomad, dog mom and online business coach. I was raised by a single mom - and worked my way from the bottom to the top.

Even though many doubted me - I decided to take the leap of faith and start my online business over 3 years ago. I got my private pilot license to feed my adrenaline addiction and scuba dive in my spare time.

I’ve built my empire @boisebossbabes and my multiple-six-figure business and show others how to do the same.

There’s an easier way to build your business - and that’s by following my signature framework: Intention + Action = Accomplishment

When working with me - clients shift.

They shift out of the hustle and into productivity. They become the CEO’s of multiple 6 figure businesses. They build their empires. They make more - and spend LESS time working.

They live their ultimate dream life - effortlessly.

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The programs that skyrocket you to success

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Check out the ways I can help you accelerate your life and business. So much so that you’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming!

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What are others saying?

Alexandra Leo Testimonial
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McKenzie is fucking brilliant. She literally kicks me up the ass and calls me out on my shit. She knows exactly when she needs to be loving and when she needs to poke you a little bit. She has done wonders for my business.

She is super strategy focused but she also gives you the mindset shifts as well. Since working with her I got four clients. When you work with McKenzie you just go hard, you’re in the energy of being a fucking badass and you have no other choice but to uplevel.


Being in your own business day-to-day it’s difficult to take a step back and realize what you actually need to work on, what can be improved, and what can be done more efficiently. Having that second set of eyes examining your business and helping you identify those areas of opportunity made it so worth the investment to work with McKenzie.

Working with McKenzie has helped me embrace CEO-Kim much more. In terms of mindset McKenzie has allowed me to think beyond my current state of life. It has helped me envision what I want for the future and come up with a game plan of how to get to that point. The newfound confidence has been so amazing and it has trickled down into other parts of my life.

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